St. Francis de Sales Parish School

Learn. Believe. Soar.

Founded in prayer and action, St. Francis de Sales Parish School is a Roman Catholic community committed to academic excellence, where we learn by working together as self-motivated, critical thinkers, we believe that we are uniquely made in God's image, and we soar by living an authentic Christian life.


What makes us unique?

A St. Francis de Sales education is renowned for academic excellence. It encourages curious minds amongst students from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. So much of what makes SFdS exceptional is the people who are a part of the school. Our teachers nurture the intellect while integrating Christian values to equip our students with a faith filled vision of life. Our approach fosters an environment of care and respect for all, assists our students to build positive relationships, instills a life-long love of learning, and encourages each student to use their God-given talents to live a life of faith and make the world a better place.

girl working on an assignment in a classroom
kids doing crafts


Motivated and Challenged

We believe that each student is wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God and will excel as a responsible, inquisitive steward of their own learning.

student participating in mass
kids chior singing


Stewards of Faith

We are a community rooted in Catholic tradition and Salesian spirituality who strives to strengthen our relationship with Christ and live out the Gospel.

students being taught by another student
group of students together


Growth and Independence

Each student will soar in a welcoming, faith-filled environment by serving God, working hard, and collaborating with others.

St. Francis de sales Parish School

An educational experience that prepares your child for a boundless future.

Discover the many learning and development opportunities that await your child and see why SFdS is the clear path for potential.