Uniform Policy


The school dress code at St. Francis de Sales is designed to promote an atmosphere on campus that is appropriate for a school setting. The type of clothing, hairstyle, and the way the students present themselves has a bearing on their conduct and attitude. These uniform regulations are intended to reduce distractions and to allow students to focus on their academic responsibilities in a manner demonstrating that we are all one community. To be just and fair to each individual, every student must follow the dress code exactly. For the good of the school and the uniform policy, students are expected to wear the school uniform and gym uniform correctly and parents are expected to support these regulations. The school administration will have the final say in the appropriateness of the uniform.


General Guidelines

Clothing should be neat, clean and comfortable.

No under or over sizing.Boys hair must be clean, neatly styled, not restricting of ones vision, or distracting in the common order of activities. It must be above the collar, and no lower than half of the student’s ears may be covered when the hair is brushed down. Drastic length variations is also not permitted, with the sides and tops being no more than 3 inches in variance.

Hair styles are not to have tails, buzzed designs, or shaved lines, including into parts. Natural colored highlights are permitted, but not done into designs or patterns.

Eyebrows are subject to same regulations, including, but not limited to: no shaving, patterns, unnatural colors, or dyed patterns.

No facial hair is permitted on any students.

Jewelry: Necklaces, bracelets, and stud earring should be appropriate for school activities including recess and gym class. Jewelry must not be excessive or distracting.

Make-up: Natural looking make-up for girls in grades 5-8 ONLY (clear nail polish, light mascara, blush or lipstick, etc.).No body paint, body glitter, stickers, decals or tattoos.


If a student comes to school in violation of the uniform code, as determined by the school administration, his/her parents will be contact by telephone and asked to bring the proper clothing to school. The student will not be permitted into class until properly attired. Missed class work must be made up. The dress code will be strictly enforced. Adherence to the dress code is expected of all students every day. Any item not outlined here concerning what constitutes appropriate appearance will be determined by the school administration.

St. Francis De Sales Dress Code Details



Shirts must be tucked in.Plain white undershirts may be worn under uniform tops.

No ties are permitted for girls.

Red or White polo shirts (short or long sleeve)

Red or White turtlenecks

White oxford style shirts


Red or White Polos (short or long sleeve)

Red or White turtlenecks

White oxford style shirts

Grades 5-8 MUST wear white oxford shirt with tie or bow tie on Mass days



Pant hems should rest at the top of your shoes & not bunch at the ankles.

Shorts must be at least mid-thigh in length, but no longer than top of the knee.

Grades K-4: Navy Blue flat front or pleated slacks or shorts

Grades 5-8: Navy Blue or Khaki flat front or pleated slacks or shorts

Navy, brown or black belts (must be solid color leather or fabric style belt)


Grades K-4: Navy Blue flat front or pleated slacks or shorts

Grades 5-8: Navy Blue or Khaki flat front or pleated slacks or shorts

No cargo pockets

NO SHORTS on Mass days

Navy, Brown, or Black belts (must be solid color leather or fabric style belt)

Shorts are usually permitted until Oct. 15 & again after Easter with administration approval.


Jumpers & Skirts (Girls Only)

May be worn on non-gym days & always on Fridays for Mass.

Skirts must be no shorter than 2’’above the knee, but no longer than the bottom of the knee.

Grades K-4: Red & Green Polyester plaid jumper in a V-neck or drop waist style

Grades 5-8: Red & Green Polyester plaid pleated skirt or Navy Blue or Khaki skirt

No Skorts are permitted for any grade


Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Sweaters and sweatshirts are permitted when worn over another uniform top.

8th grade only is permitted to wear official class “hoodies.”

No other hooded sweatshirts are to be worn during the school day.

Fleece sweatshirts are considered outerwear only.

Sweaters may be zip-up and can have a hood, but MUST be knit material.

Navy Blue or red crew neck pullover sweaters, cardigan sweaters, V-neck or crew neck vests, St. Francis sweatshirts (with official logo), or solid color red or blue sweatshirts

St. Francis gear with jewels & other “unofficial” logos are considered “outerwear” and may only be worn to/from school and during recess

Navy Blue or Red crew neck pullover sweaters, cardigan sweaters, V-neck or crew neck vests, St. Francis sweatshirts (with official logo), or solid color red or blue sweatshirts



Any length is permitted (crew, ankle, no-show, etc.).

Grades K-8: Navy, gray, black, red or white socks, tights or knee-highs

Grades 5-8 are permitted to wear flesh colored pantyhose as well Navy, gray, black, red or white socks


Boots may be worn to/from school in inclement weather.

Shoes must be primarily navy, black, brown or tan.

Shoes should be closed toe and closed heel style.

A small pattern on the side of the shoe is permitted, but please NO metallic, mesh, athletic/tennis shoes, plastic, canvas, heelies, clogs, sandals, flip-flops, crocs, mules, slippers or moccasins.

Grades 5-8 are permitted to wear heels for Mass or special occasions, no higher than 2’’

Shoes must be primarily navy, black or brown or tan.

Mass Attire

Mass attire for Boys

(5-8) navy or khaki pants with white button up shirts and tie or bow tie

(K-4) navy pants with red or white polo

Mass attire for Girls

(5-8) navy, khaki, or plaid uniform skirts with white or red polo 

(K-4) plaid jumper with red or white polo

Gym uniforms

St. Francis gray gym shirt with navy blue or red shorts or sweatpants

Where to buy uniforms?

Most of our required uniform pieces can be found at numerous local retailers including Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kohls, Children’s Place, Gymboree, Sears and JC Penny as well as online at Lands’ End.  Jumpers can be found online at Schoolbelles online ( online code S0903) or their store located in Fairlawn –(330) 836-2246 or locally at Kids Closet in Cuyahoga Falls (330-929-1810).  You may want to call ahead for sizing availability. The Falcon Family Network will also sponsor two used uniform swaps each year to be held in the fall and spring.  Collection of used uniform pieces will take place one week prior to the swap.  The swap is open to all students and pieces will be free of charge.

Dress Down Days

Jeans are permitted, but they cannot be tattered or torn. Low rise or baggy pants are not permitted. Shorts, if worn, must be of modest length and worn at the waist. Shirts must have sleeves (no straps) and the torso length must be long enough to be tucked into the waistband. Pictures on shirts must be appropriate and not disruptive to the learning environment and cannot promote sex, alcohol, drug use or violence, and should not conflict with our Catholic identity. Nail Polish, hair color, or any extreme hairstyles are not permitted. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]. We will be monitoring this email daily and will answer any questions you may have about the dress code. Updated September 22, 2016